Monday, April 5, 2010



  1. WOW! This is super Genius work! Its damn cool,all the drawings and the story's nice too... I wish I could draw like you! :-)

  2. Tisha! Your illustrations are really good, and have such a nice Indian-feel.
    I can picture going places, but you'll need to end it better.
    I'm proud of you!

  3. WOW :D
    that is Realllllly beautiful. Love the patterns- the tones, the cover. Everything.
    Lovely. Very very nice : )

  4. well done!
    loved the ending.


  5. lovely!!
    good going Kishmish.

  6. i loved the illustrations and the flow. the ending was too abrupt.
    love it!

  7. Oye! this is really well done tish-eh! The frames work well and some of your characters are great.. stylistically its really captivating.. although with more work on it it can become pretty solid... keep at it
    Love it!

  8. thankyou all!
    i've done the end bit in a hurry, thats why it seems a little confusing. and some frames are still only half done.
    ill work on it when i get time.:)

  9. actually. i quite like the end. its a nice surprise that the whole story is her dream. And as a story it comes back to the beginning. lovely!
    its a proper ending yea. good you didn't drag it out.
    really beautiful piece of work i say.
    much love kishmish.

  10. Tisha! this is so well done!
    the entire feel given to it is fabulous. PROPER it is!

  11. nono. i dont want to change the story of the end.
    i want to change the frames and how she wakes up.
    it's really confusing for ppl to understand. but i knew ull get it. u can decipher just about anything!

  12. I just loved the ending!! I really liked the story and i think the designs you used for all the backgrounds in each picture was very authentic and fitting to the script. I think the name was perfect and the intricate designs on the cover page simply beautiful!
    Brilliant work tish!!

  13. tishie. fishie. you have outdone yourself.

  14. Great work tishki lali. the cover is splendid; the subdued colours - the yellows and browns with that occasional touch of bright colour - captivating. the simple, evocative line drawings managed to bring out the mood of the story so well. Proud of you.

  15. :)
    i can decipher anything huh?
    im supposed to be complimenting YOU on this page luv.
    i've said it before, and i'll say it again... B-E-A-u-tiful

  16. Hi Tisha, that was really good - very well drawn - can't wait to see more of your work.

  17. coolio!!!
    brlliant work tisha!and i love the end...although tool me like a minute to understand but brilliant...and my favourite part is...but kasab kaka is blind!haha
    really amazing work..congrats!!

  18. wow tisha!
    i love it! i'm really impressed!
    keep at it.

  19. gorgeous :)
    lovely colours - setting - frames - just lovely!

  20. Its just totally Brilliant!
    The story is perfect with the element of surprise with the girl waking up from her dream..
    and with my limited knowledge in design..i love the illustrations..the colour co-ordination..the way "khoj" is written and how you've taken care to finish all the intricate details on each in the finishing of the designs used in the backgrounds. And yea the perspectives are also perfect! :)

    Way to go Ms.T.D.Pillai :)

  21. Really enjoyed the journey through the "mohalla" to discover that I had been waking up from someone else's colourful dream!