Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Varun - Passing by


  1. love the text and the angles and frames you've chosen.
    i totally connect with it considering i travel by train alot.
    nicely done man! would love to see more of it. :)

  2. "to be continued" are the most promising words to see. would love to see more!
    really nice explorations of frames yea!
    and i love the context you have taken. close ups of plastic bottles, and all. really creates the railway as a character in itself.
    good going yea.

  3. It still needs a lot of work on the script and narration but thanks for liking it so far, I do feel inspired to work on it.

  4. ooh deadly dhanda is the new name. from the very beginning, i got engrossed in it,wanting to know what happens's a nice flow.. maybe its because ive experienced a train journey so many times and can relate to it so well. i like the way you've used text in frames without actually showing what the text is reading. the frames are quite good. as i mentioned earlier, i still want to know what happens next. what happens after bharla junction .so deadly dhanda, complete fastly

  5. varun your frames are fab! some really good perspective. Its very dynamic :) your opening frame is incredible.. you've captured that scale really well and broken it down in your following frames :) the story is engrossing as well.. finish it :)