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Kolkata based Kindle magazine is looking for 4-page black & white A4 size comics
for their special graphic novel supplement.
Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap will be the guest editor of the issue.

Kindle is an art, culture and politics youth magazine based out of Kolkata.

DEADLINE: 15th June. But its OK if you miss it by a few days.

PAYMENT: Rs. 500 per page. Max limit is 4 pages.

WHERE & HOW TO SEND: Individual pages scanned at 300 dpi in TIFF format, to
be sent to either of the following emails-->

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

by Digbejoy Ghosh

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Sayantani- Adan Garcia in Forgetting


A Fork In The Road


Jojo's story


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Sargam : The Suicide

Bharat - Final

Akshataa: The Silent Watch

Samvida-People In Grass Houses.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010


Please ensure that all final comics are sent to me as low res pdf files of the entire comic book no later than 7 am on April 5.
I will not accept any files that reach me after 7 am as I am going to finish my assessments first thing on April 5.
If you cannot submit on time, remember I will not tolerate whining and weeping or excuses like my Internet was not working, my cat ate my comic, etc.
Take Care

Samvida-Final story

.People in Grass Houses.


The eye of the queen, was as still as the castle of which she was now a part. She was still alive. As alive as the walls that create a castle. Alive, as one trapped in a fixed form. The form of an ambition. Of a King’s ambition.

All the king’s people, were divided, into the Diamonds, his royal family; the Clubs, his constant army; the Hearts, the complaisant clergy; and of course, the Spades, his biddable workers.

They were mere cards to him. Not individual lives. Just building blocks for a wish. A wish to live in a card castle. A castle that reached for the skies. For it was in the skies, that one could see beautiful circular objects flying past ever so often. These objects seemed like another dimension. They were spheres flying overhead. The king did not know what they were. All he knew was that he had to reach as high as they did. He just had to.

So he started to build the castle.

Until recently, the queens, and kings and jacks of all sections except the Diamonds, were already part of the card castle. Thus preempting any disagreement of the idea of the castle. And recently, the Queen of diamonds had started to prove to be… disagreeable.

.Chapter 1.

The world was flat. A large circular flatland. It was edged with a wall of long strands of green threads that rose upwards. These threads marked the edge of the world. The Joker insisted on plucking these threads from the ground, and rolling them up before lighting them on fire and breathing in their scent. He called the strands, ‘grass’, and the name, like a Shakespearean word, became a part of their dictionary, just as the wall of grass had become a part of their lives.

The Joker inched along the wall.

His eye on the grass, he whispered, “I bet its greener on the other side.”

But before he could cross the border, two squealing cards came rushing through from the other side of the wall.

The three of them collapsed on the flat ground just as an ant appeared at the wall of grass. It moved swiftly towards one card, paused and rushed towards the Joker instead. The other two jumped up to help the Joker, but it seemed as though he did not need any help. Both the ant and the Joker were jumping around each other as if in greeting.

“What just happened?” said the timid voice of the 3 of Hearts.

“Do you… do you know the Ants Mr. Joker?” piped up a stronger voice of the 2 of spades.

The Joker, who had started to do a handstand as the ant clapped, looked sharply at the two cards.

He then relaxed into a smile, “What is it to know someone really?”

2nd of spades, “You have crossed the borders to meet them before? You know them?”

The Joker, “Well. Who defines borders anyway? They are just lines.”

3rd of Hearts, “But it’s forbidden! Its in the code!”

The Joker, “Well who defines this code anyways? They are more like guidelines.”

2nd of spades, “But…the king...”

The Joker, “The king is too busy building his castle. But what might two such upstanding cards as your self be doing on the wrong side of the grass eh?”

2nd of Spades and 3rd of Hearts, “We ...err... That is to say…”

A circular object flies overhead and casts a shadow over them.

They all stare silently up.

The ant scuttles away through the grass.

“We should move from here before the Clubs find us this close to the edge of the world!” whispered 3 of Hearts.

In silent unison the three cards start to turn away from the grass when The Ace of Clubs discovers their prohibited presence.

3rd of Hearts, ”Any wise words Mr. Joker?”

The Joker, “Yeah. RUN!”

The classic getaway scene is interrupted by a clash with another card that is swathed in strands of green threads, and running toward the grass border. The new card gets entangled with the Joker, and in a mesh of paper cuts, and groans the Ace of Clubs gets the upper hand.

As he pulls the new card to his feet, the green threads fall away to reveal the Jack of Diamonds. Ace of Clubs steps back and bows, “Your Highness!”

A flash of irritation from the Jack of Diamonds, “ Don’t call me that. That is to say… That’s what you call my father… Right. So. Carry on soldier. I was just meeting my friends here for a... a…”

“A view of the great castle as we discuss the great merits of the great King of Diamonds!” finished the Joker for him.

The Jack of Diamonds looked around at the speaker as if that was a rather implausible idea, but he turned to the Ace of Clubs and spoke with the authority that comes with privilege, “Indeed. Perhaps you would like to join our discussion another time. You may get back to your duties for now.”

“Sire, it is my duty to make sure the workers work,” said the Ace of Clubs as he looked over at 2 of Spades.

“You may escort the cards back to their duties. But they shall not be punished for agreeing to be my footmen for the day of course,” said the Jack of Diamonds with finality.

As the pack of cards started to walk back towards the construction site, the

Ace of Clubs tapped the Joker sharply on the shoulder and remarked,” Yesterday, I find you trying to talk to the Queen of Diamonds, and today, I find you trying to cross the wall. Now. It seems as though you have a taste for trying forbidden things, Mr. Joker. I emphasize the word ‘trying’. You will not succeed. Do not cross me again, or I will have you consigned to the castle.”

“Really now Ace. That would make it much easier for me to talk to the Queen of Diamonds now wouldn’t it? Tell me, was it you who suggested she be ‘consigned’ to the castle as well?”

Ace of Clubs tightened his grip on his spear, and a harsh whisper escaped him, “Don’t try my temper Joker. The Queen of Diamonds was a just and fair queen. She tried to talk the king out of this stupid castle…”

“At last!! We agree on one thing! This castle is stupid!”

Ace of Clubs looked toward the construction site.

“Perhaps the king might still change his mind”

“Ha! Good luck ‘trying’ that.”

“You are starting to bore me now Mr. Joker,” said the Ace of Clubs, as he started to walk away towards the castle guiding the 2 of Spades and 3 of Hearts, “I suggest you do not repeat our conversation to anyone.”

With those words looming overhead, a tangible shadow seemed to fall on The Joker and the Jack of Diamonds as they fell behind a bit, and The Jack of Diamonds looked thoughtfully after the Ace of Clubs. The shadow seemed to be darkening, and then a yell of, “Look out!” and a flurry of movement that resulted in a third crash of cards that very morning. As the dust cleared, the darkening shadow proved to be a sphere from the skies. It now lay close to the edge of the world.

The cards picked themselves up and looked back to the construction site where mayhem was breaking out as the sphere had cut a path of destroyed card homes till it rolled to a stop at the grass border.

As one the cards turn to face the strange object. It is a sphere with a pattern of black and white hexagonals on it.

3rd of spades whispers, “What is it?”

2nd of spades shakes his head.

The Joker takes a step towards the sphere.

It towers over all of them.

The Ace of Clubs breaks into a run towards the main land of the construction site, yelling the arrival of the end. Armageddon.

As he runs, the main land can be seen. So many card houses have fallen, and the path of the sphere has become a path of destruction. And it is this shortest route of destruction that he takes to find the King.

Back at the crash site, the rest of them slowly approach the grass where the sphere is.

3rd of Spades, “The gods have sent us a message.”

The Joker, looking over at the destruction, “Well he could have just sent us a leaf instead.”

Jack of Diamonds, “The King. Someone must tell the king what has happened.”

The yells of the Ace of Clubs cut above the cacophony of chaos.

“I think he might have noticed,” remarks the Joker.

.Chapter 2.

The eye of the king, was on the construction site.

The king of Diamonds is sitting in his chambers and observing the building of his beloved card castle from his window.

The Ace of spades approaches and tells him what has happened.

The king looks out over at the broken houses and says, “The cards used to build them must be salvaged.” The Ace looks happy at the king’s suggestion. Then the king adds, “Yes… the salvaged cards must be used to add to his castle.”

The Ace’s face falls, but he ventures a question, “what is to be done with the alien creature itself?”

“Is it made of cards?” the king asks.

“No your highness.”

“Then it cannot add to my castle. Destroy it. If you want.”

.Chapter 3.

The Army prepares.

They gather their spheres. They face this alien threat in their midst.

They start to march.

As they reach the site of the crash, the high priest, the 10 of Hearts, meets them with an army of his own.

The religious numbers say the football must be protected and worshipped. The army relays its orders to destroy it.

The Joker and the Jack of Diamonds look on helplessly as the sphere lays ignored, and the pack of cards turn on each other.

The workers start to leave the construction site to join the foray.

Cards lay crumpled in the dust.

And all the while, the king sits at his window, and watches his card castle grow taller.

Slowly all the workers leave the castle building and join the fight. The Jack of Diamonds is captured by the workers. The 3 of Hearts finds sudden passion in protecting his god sent message. The 2 of Spades tries to call the ants to help the Joker as he gets pulled towards the castle to be added to the construction site.

In all the pain and loss, the Joker too falls silent to the whims of such a castle.

.Chapter 4.

The only two things left standing are the sphere, and the card castle. The king steps out of his chambers and towards the castle, when a large pair of hands seems to come from the giant person whose feet touch the ground and whose head seems to reach the sky. The person reaches for the sphere and picks it up ignorant of the chaos close to his feet.

As he turns on his heel, the foot of the person bears down on his castle.


The king lays crumpled on the ground.

But his castle is left standing.

The eye of the Queen blinks once.

And is still once more.



thumb nailing for final frames in progress.

thats the next post!



Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mimansa - final breakdown

1-2: full page of night sky and little earth; intro to location.

3-4: intro to Quentin; activities of the day.

5-6: intro to Mili; activities of the day.

7-8: dreams of Mili and Quentin (as the years go by, and they become older).

9-10: Q visits ballet class; new dream for Q -world famous ballet dancer.

11-12: M leaves house for the weekend; Q arranges furniture, looks for and finds big pink tent.
13-14: Q puts on show in the cut up pink tent as a tutu to an imaginary audience.

15-16: M comes back home the next morning to find the living room in a mess, everything topsy turvy, furniture put aside and lights directed to one part of the room; finds Q sleeping on one end of the room, under the dining table wearing her pink tent and ballet shoes.

PS to whoever's reading this: i'm editing the thumbnails as i sail along so you'll keep seeing the sketches (daily i hope.) also, i'm sorry the scans are so shitty, i don't know how to fix em. avy, if you'd like to see finals, i'll mail them to you. i've got 2 spreads till now. 8" by 6".

Mimansa - sketches of finals

sketches of pages 4, 3 and 2 respectively.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Akshataa: Character 3


some in between thumbnails and finals. - aniruddh.

here are the first four pages.
i was trying out basic color.
these are not the finals, i repeat,
these are NOT the finals. 

i have drawn some more, but they're still in the very basic stage.
thats why they aren't up here.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

aniruddh's FINAL final script.

  • shot of a half-folded newspaper. its in full view. It seems to be lying on a table.
    - we see a headline, and a large photo of a smallish art gallery under it. The headline talks about the success of a young photographer, and in the photo is the work displayed in the gallery. [full-page frame - page1]
  • The camera moves into the photo, the photo becoming the frame this time. It still has a newspaper texture to it. In the photo, there are people seen standing, looking at the work.[frame 1- wide- page2]
  • The photo now comes to life (different rendering) and the people have moved a little, to show the same.
    - they seem to be appreciating the work, some have smiles on their faces as they look at the photos.
    - the gallery is not very well-lit, but there is enough emphasis on the photos as each one has its own small light bulb looking down at it.[frame 2- wide- page2]
  • Now the camera moves, there is change in perspective, and we see a more establishing view of the gallery. Small though it is, the number of people is decently large.
    -There are some people who are seen with cameras hanging from their shoulders coupled with bags, and they seem to be taking notes.[frame 3- wide- page2]
  • the previous frame has moved into a box on the right side of this frame, like an inset, and the reader sees that the frame is now a part of a news bulletin on a TV(7thChannelNews), and the news anchor is talking about the exhibition in the gallery.
    -he talks: “..and those were images from the Town Art Gallery.. a totally new and fresh style of work there, something thats going to turn heads for a long long time to come..”[frame 1- wide- page3]
  • close-up of news anchor, gallery image is out of frame, he is still talking.
    -he talks: “..and more on sports when we return, but don't forget to tune in tomorrow at 7pm for 7thChannelNews' exclusive live interview with the very talented, now world-famous photographer(her name here,haven't decided) as we talk to her about everything that helped her trace the path to this peak..”[frame 2- wide- page3]
  • more zoomed-out view, full view of the TV, it becomes a POV shot now.
    - a girl's right hand is seen on the right of frame(just the hand with the remote in it), and she has just switched the TV off.[frame 3- wide- page3]
  • mid-close shot of the girl, young girl, she is sitting on her couch, her hand is still up in the air, and she looks like she has just woken up. Her hair is a bit messy, and her eyes are half-shut. [frame 4- wide- page3]
  • close-up shot of left hand, she looks at the time, its 9:15. in the background there is a coffee table, on which there is a phone and a magazine, but they're slightly out of focus.[frame 1- box- page4]
  • same shot, hand is out of frame now, and the magazine and phone are more into the frame and in focus. The magazine is called Photography Today, and on the cover is the same girl.[frame 2- box- page4]
  • same shot, hand is back in frame, she is reaching out to the magazine to pick it up.[frame 3- box- page4]
  • exact same shot, only the phone is lit up. Someone is calling her.[frame 4- box- page4]
  • exact same shot, this time her hand reaches out to the phone. She is picking it up.[frame 5- box- page4]
  • close-up of phone, she is holding it, on the screen the text blinks,'7thChannelNews calling..'[frame 6- box- page4]
  • mid-close shot of the girl, she has now answered the phone, the background is out of focus.
    -voice on phone: “Good morning ma'am, I am calling from 7thChannelNews, just to confirm your presence at tomorrow's interview, I hope I am not disturbing..”
    girl: “No, no. certainly not..” [frame 1- wide- page5]
  • mid shot, little more of the room is established, she has turned, her back facing us, she seems to be walking away from camera, still talking on the phone. In the background, on the wall, are framed photos that she has clicked, and there are some tall cabinets, a small, but expensive-looking dining table, and some other additions, overall, it looks like a rich person's apartment.
    -voice on phone: “..we just wanted to let you know a few things. Your advance amount has been already transferred to your back account, and also, if you could please be present by 6pm here in the studio; we need to brief you about certain things, just the standard procedure..”
    girl: “yes. Sure. I will definitely be there.”
    voice on phone: “thank you ma'am, once again, thank you very much. We are indeed very lucky to have you with us tomorrow..”
    girl: “oh, pleasure's all mine. Thank you. See you then. Bye.”[frame 2- wide- page5]
  • long shot, she is reaching out to one of the cabinets to keep her phone on it, her back still facing us. She seems to be moving towards the kitchen area of the big room. More of the room is established. Its a wide angle shot.[frame 3- wide- page5]
  • mid shot, she is standing at the kitchen counter. On the counter-top there is a mug of hot coffee, smoke strands are rising from the mug. Her right hand is holding the mug and the left is reaching for it, and she is looking at the mug.[frame 1- vertical rectangular- page6]
  • POV shot of hands holding the mug, seen from where she is standing.[frame 2- box- page6]
  • POV shot, she has lifted the mug, its dead close to the frame, showing that she is taking a sip from the black coffee.[frame 3- box- page6]
  • POV shot, different mug of coffee is put on a table, the hand is of a man's, the color tone suggests the shift to flashback. 
-text box pointing away from man: “please uncle, just give me this one more chance. I promise it wont be like the last two times. Please.”[frame 1- box- page7]
  • mid-close shot of the girl, she is sitting in some office, she looks tensed, and is leaning a bit forward.
    -she says: “..this time I promise I wont let you down, because my work is much better this time, and I am much more confident. Please uncle, please understand!”[frame 2- box- page7]
  • shot from over girl's shoulder, the man is introduced here. He is sitting across the office table, leaning back into his executive chair. He is dressed in semi-formals.
    -he says: “..look, sweetheart, I really like your work, I interests me..but my business has to run. And it cannot run on your promises, love.” .. “..i mean..if I wasn't so close to your father, I probably wouldn't even have given you that second chance in my gallery, you know..”[frame 3- wide- page7]
  • shot of newspaper, half-folded, has a headline about the gallery agreeing to let the girl display her photos for the third time.[frame 1- wide- page8]
  • same shot, different days' newspaper, has a headline about exhibition opening. [frame 2- wide- page8]
  • shot of third newspaper, headline thrashes her work again, for the third time.[frame 3- wide- page8]
  • overhead shot, in the office, the man is yelling at the girl.
    -he says: “i knew this wont work! I feel so foolish! You have yet again embarrassed me, yourself and your father!”[full page- page9]
  • mid-long shot of girl in her balcony, the view from the balcony is seen. She is leaning on the railing, pensive. [frame 1- wide- page10]
  • same shot, the view is seen again, only this time its almost dark. She is still leaning on the railing, in the same place.[frame 2- wide- page10]
one page gap – after this on the next page, the interview part begins.
  • 12 boxed small frames show the build-up to the start of the interview here on page 12. some are establishing shots and some are action shots. The idea is to establish the commotion just before the interview begins.
1.POV close-up of interviewer adjusting his sleeves.
2.close-up of someone's hands holding the panning rod of the camera.
3.close-up of the interviewer's neck, with the handkerchief tucked into his collar.
4.close-up of the boom rod that records the sound.
5.close-up of the front of camera, with the prompter on the top.
6.mid-close shot of cameraman adjusting focus on the camera.
7.close-up of interviewer, he has worn his coat. Front shot.
8.close-up shot of glass of water kept on the small table on set.
9.POV close-up of someone looking at a yellow notepad full of questions and plans.
10.mid-close shot of guy next to cameraman showing 'three' on his fingers.
11.POV shot of same guy showing 'two', with his left hand, on the right is the girl in the distance, she is sitting, ready. She is also out of focus.
12.POV shot of interviewer, he sees the guy next to the cameraman point at him.
  • shot of a TV in some random living room, not much of the room is seen. On the TV is the same anchor who was there in the beginning pages of the comic. He is talking.
    -he says: “good evening and welcome to 7thChannelNews' exclusive, live interview of one of the most famous things that walks the earth today!..”[frame 1- wide- page13]
  • long shot of a street, camera is outside an electronics shop, and there are quite a few TVs on display, stacked up on each other. All of them are showing the same interview. The interviewer talks.
    -he says: “..considered the world's number one potential for best photographer, this girl has exceeded all her limits, broken all the rules, crossed all boundaries, and has emerged with a fresh mind and style, that is evident in all the exhibits of her work all over the world..”[frame 2- wide- page13]
  • mid-close shot of a monitor which is on the left of frame. In the monitor we see the interviewer talking. On the right of frame, in the distance and out of focus, is the girl, sitting and waiting.
    -he says: “ without further ado..please allow me to present to you...”[frame 3- wide- page13]
  • long shot of set where interview is happening. The two people are finally revealed.
    -he says her name with a lot of excitement.[frame 1- wide- page14]
  • mid-close shot of interviewer. He is on frame left. He is leaning back and sitting.
    -he says: “..people want to know the story of your journey to the top, and of course, how it feels, to be known as the best photographer in the world?”[frame 2- wide- page14]
  • mid-close shot of the girl. She is on frame right. She is leaning back and sitting too.
    -she says, smiling: “..well I don't think I am the best, yet, and as far as my story goes, well, its a really really long one, so I am gonna try and put it together in short for everyone..”[frame 3- wide- page14]
  • mostly POV-type shots showing puzzle pieces coming together, the camera seems to be zooming out from the center of the puzzle to finally show the full thing coming together. The pieces themselves have images and text showing the things she describes in the interview to explain her story.
    -she says: “..think of it as a puzzle I had to put together..”
    -close-up shot of one puzzle piece, the center of the whole thing.
    -mid-close shot showing four more pieces placed around it, some joined to it, some scattered.
    -mid-long shot revealing the border of the puzzle, shown by three corner pieces defining the frame of the puzzle.
    -mid-long shot showing puzzle with three pieces missing, and one hand holding one of the pieces above it.
    -long shot showing one piece in hand, and one place left in the puzzle below.
    -long, overhead shot showing the whole puzzle complete, and the girl will be in the frame, looking up at the camera.[frames 1 to 6- boxes - page15]
  • over-the-shoulder(girl's) shot. Interviewer is seen smiling, leaning a bit forward and sitting now.
    -he says: “wow. So, without wasting anymore time I want to ask you, and so do a lot of people..”[frame 1- box- page16]
  • close-up of interviewer's face. He is leaning forward.
    -he says: “ did you do it?whats this key technique behind the brilliant photographs?..”[frame 2- box- page16]
  • mid-shot of girl. She is leaning back. She has a grave look on her face.
    -she says: “..if I tell you ill have to kill you..”[frame 3- wide- page16]
  • mid-shot of girl again, same shot. She is still leaning back. This time she is smiling.
    -she says: “..I am kidding..”[frame 4- wide- page16]
  • over-the-shoulder(interviewer's) shot. Girl is talking.
    -she says: “ be honest with you, it happened completely by accident..”[frame 1- wide- page17]
  • girl's POV shot(through the viewfinder). She seems to be looking for some kinda interesting frame.
    -she says(voice-over): “..i was trying to click something interesting, in my kitchen, at some random hour of the night..”[frame 2- wide- page17]
  • girl's POV shot. Her right hand is seen putting the camera on the kitchen counter-top. The gesture shows a little anger.
    -she says(voice-over): “..but I couldn't find a good frame, so I slammed my camera down on in anger..”[frame 3- wide- page17]
  • same shot as previous frame, only this time a photo has been taken by accident.
    -she says(voice-over): “..and I didn't realize that my hand was on the shutter-release button, and it got clicked..”[frame 4- wide- page17]
  • girl's POV shot. Inside dark room. Her hands are seen dipped in a small tub, and a sheet of photo-paper in it with a half-developed photo.
    -she says(voice-over): “..when I developed it, I loved the result, so I decided to take that route, and leave the results to chance..”[frame 5- wide- page17]
  • mid-close shot of her camera. The viewfinder is taped up.
    -she says(voice-over): “..and all this work is a result of not looking into the viewfinder before clicking..”[frame 6- wide- page17]
  • close-up of interviewer's face. He is still leaning forward. He has a grave look on his face.[frame 1- vertical long- page18]
  • mid shot of interviewer. He is now leaning back into his chair, adjusting his jacket. He bursts out laughing.
    -he says: “hahaha! You sure know how to get away smoothly! Haha! That was a good one!”[frame 2- vertical long- page18]
  • low-angle mid shot of interviewer. He is leaning back, has a smile on his face, and he looks confident. He is about to put forward the final question of the interview.
    -he says: “..but before we close, I have one last question to ask you..”[frame 3- vertical long- page18]
  • low-angle close-up of interviewer's face. He seems to be leaning forward, as if coming with an attack.
    -he says: “..your style seems to be getting repetitive and boring..” .. “..our statistics show that people are already starting to reduce in number in your exhibitions..” .. “..what is your plan?..”[frame 4- vertical long- page18]
  • close-up of girl's lower half of face. She is smiling, but it looks like its getting wiped off.[frame 1- box- page19]
  • same shot. This time the smile has been totally wiped off. She is now uncomfortable.[frame 2- box- page19]
  • close-up of girl's hands. They are showing complete discomfort.[frame 3- box- page19]
  • close-up of one hand picking up the glass of water in front of her.[frame 4- box- page19]
  • close-up of lower half of face, she is sipping on the water.[frame 5- box- page19]
  • same shot. This time she is wiping her mouth with a tissue.[frame 6- box- page19]
  • over-the-shoulder(interviewer's) shot. Girl has the smile back on her face, she seems to have regained control.
    -she says: “..well you see, where I am, is because I did not plan it..”[frame 1- vertical long- page20]
  • mid-close shot of girl. She is now leaning forward, almost counter-attacking.
    -she says: “..and this one, im gonna leave like that too..”[frame 2- vertical long- page20]
  • close-up of her face. She is almost determined, with a smirk on her face.
    -she says: “..its all a matter of chance..”[frame 3- vertical long- page20]
  • close-up of interviewer's face. He is smiling. Like he knew this was gonna be her answer. The frame looks a little different. Looks like its in a TV.[frame 1- wide- page21]
  • long shot. Camera seems to have zoomed out. The interviewer is looking in the girl's direction. Girl is looking at him, smiling.
    -he says: “..well, its been great talking to you..we hope that you keep doing such brilliant work and we wish you all the very best for the future..” .. “..thank you for being with us today.”
    -she says: “..thank you.”[frame 2- wide- page21]
  • camera has zoomed out even more. We're back with the shot of the TV in the living room. And the TV has just been switched off, exactly like on page 3 of the comic.[frame 3- wide- page21]
one page gap – the interview part ends here.
  • mid-close shot of coffee table. There is a coffee mug kept on it. Girl's right hand is seen keeping the remote down on the table. - thought box: “fuck.”[frame 1- wide- page23]
  • close-up shot of remote. Her finger is seen scratching the power button of the remote. This will have three shots of the same thing. Basically one wide frame divided into three box frames. By the third frame the print on the power button is scratched off a little. - thought box: “..what the hell was I thinking?!”[frame2- wide/3- page23]
  • POV shot of coffee mug. Its half-full. She is holding it in her hand, looking at it. - thought box: “chance!? How can I leave something like this to chance!? I cant!” .. “..fuck. I need to do something quick..” .. “..before it all fades off..”[frame 3- wide- page23]
  • overhead shot of girl lying on her bed. Mid shot. She cant sleep. She is frowning in her sleep.[frame 1- wide- page24]
  • same shot, this time she has turned to the opposite direction. She seems uncomfortable, tensed.[frame 2- wide- page24]
  • mid shot from side of the bed. She is facing the camera, still eyes closed, but uncomfortable.[frame 3- wide- page24]
  • same shot, this time she has opened her eyes. There is a lot of tension in them.[frame 4- wide- page24]
  • top-angle close-up shot of her hand turning a page in a book. There is something written on the page.[frame 1- vertical long- page25]
  • Top-angle mid-close shot. She is on her bed. Sitting. There are books lying in front of her, some opened, some closed. On all the books the same line is written and is repeated many times, it says, 'have to find a solution in here.'[frame 2- vertical long- page25]
  • top-angle long shot. The books look more scattered. She looks more crazy. Behind her on the clock it says 2:13AM.[frame 3- vertical long- page25]
  • mid-close shot of hands, she is cropping some photo with a pen knife in the dark room. -thought box: “..why is this eating me up so much? nothing has even happened!”[frame 1- wide- page26]
  • close-up of face. She looks angry. And crazy. - thought box: “..i need to get rid of this shit somehow. Its slowing me down. 3 days and I haven't even moved from this damned house!”[frame 2- box- page26]
  • POV shot. Mid-close shot. She has stopped cropping the photo. She is holding the pen knife in her hand. But her focus is on the things lying next to the photo. Her camera, some rolls and another few pen knives are lying there. -thought box: “i need a solution. I need a step forward. Otherwise they're gonna put me down. Again. Otherwise they..”[frame 3- box- page26]
  • close-up shot of her tightening her fist around the pen knife.[frame 4- box- page26]
  • close up of eyes. They are wide. Anger and realization in them, as if she has found the solution.[frame 5- wide- page26]
  • close-up shot of her hand. She is putting her camera on the tripod.[frame 1- box- page27]
  • close-up shot of camera. She is behind it, about to look into the viewfinder.[frame 2- box- page27]
  • POV shot. Through the viewfinder. The bed can be seen. Its a decently composed photo.[frame 3- box- page27]
  • close-up shot of camera. She is attaching something to the top of the camera. It has a wire[frame 4- box- page27]
  • POV mid-shot. Camera can be seen in the distance, little out of focus. The wire coming out of it is ending in her hand. She has a switch in her hand.[frame 5- box- page27]
  • POV mid-close shot of her hand putting the switch on the bed.[frame 6- box- page27]
  • mid-long shot. She is sitting on the edge of her bed, her elbows are resting on her knees. Within this frame there is a close-up frame of her hand. She is holding the pen knife in her hand,still.[frame 1- wide with box close-up frame- page28]
  • POV shot. She is looking down at her hands. She is holding one pen knife in each hand.[frame 2- wide- page28]
  • this frame is cut diagonally into half. Close-up shot of eyes closed, a tear falling down from one eye. Other half of frame is a close up of fists tightening around the pen knives.[frame 3- wide/2- page28]
  • low-angle mid-long shot of girl still sitting on bed but looking up, hands clutching the bed-sheet. The knives are on the floor and are blood-stained. And her eyes are bleeding. Within this frame there are two box frames of her stabbing her eyes and taking the knives back out, with blood oozing out.[full bleed frame+2 box close-up frames- page29]
one page gap.
  • overhead mid-long shot of girl lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Half her head is cut out of frame.[frame 1- wide- page31]
  • frame goes into inset. And we see the same guy who took the interview. He looks shocked. And he is talking. -he says: “..and those images you are seeing are straight from her house..she was found unconscious, but is now totally out of danger..”[frame 2- wide- page31]
  • camera zooms out. There are more TVs. Stacked up on top of each other. The interviewer is still talking. -he says: “..she has of course lost her sight..there is a roll that has been found..which has been has..and you will not believe it..” .. “but it has self-portraits she had clicked after she did that gruesome thing to herself..”[frame 3- wide- page31]
  • camera zooms out even more. Its a long shot of an electronics shop from outside the street. -he says: “..her well-wishers and friends have decided to put up all those self-portraits in the Town Art Gallery. The manager of the gallery says he is more than honored. The exhibition opens Monday, and our prayers are with her..”[frame 4- wide- page31]
  • shot of a wall. There are about 4-5 portraits hung on the wall. They are all self-portraits of the girl after she blinded herself.[frame 1- wide- page32]
  • camera is zooming out. More of the gallery is seen. People are standing looking at the portraits. Some are taking notes too.[frame 2- wide- page32]
  • camera zooms out even more, to show outside of gallery. Shot is from the street. There are people lined up outside too. Only this time, the frame looks like its a photo in a newspaper.[frame 3- wide- page32]
  • shot of a half-folded newspaper. its in full view. It seems to be lying on a table. The photo is now part of it. -headline says: 'Blind photographer's stunt gets her World Photographer of the Year.'[full-page frame - page33]

[sorry i know i am a bit late with the script. but i have started the thumbnails. will put that up very very soon, i promise.]