Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mimansa - final breakdown

1-2: full page of night sky and little earth; intro to location.

3-4: intro to Quentin; activities of the day.

5-6: intro to Mili; activities of the day.

7-8: dreams of Mili and Quentin (as the years go by, and they become older).

9-10: Q visits ballet class; new dream for Q -world famous ballet dancer.

11-12: M leaves house for the weekend; Q arranges furniture, looks for and finds big pink tent.
13-14: Q puts on show in the cut up pink tent as a tutu to an imaginary audience.

15-16: M comes back home the next morning to find the living room in a mess, everything topsy turvy, furniture put aside and lights directed to one part of the room; finds Q sleeping on one end of the room, under the dining table wearing her pink tent and ballet shoes.

PS to whoever's reading this: i'm editing the thumbnails as i sail along so you'll keep seeing the sketches (daily i hope.) also, i'm sorry the scans are so shitty, i don't know how to fix em. avy, if you'd like to see finals, i'll mail them to you. i've got 2 spreads till now. 8" by 6".

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