Thursday, March 4, 2010

Samvida- Work in Progress

character sketch:work in progress:


  1. it didnt upload properly. but the bottom page is 1st, and the one above it is second.
    they are to be seen side by side.

  2. I like very much the style-textures etc.
    I think you can do some interesting stuff with your type though.
    especially since the story itself is so vivid. Why limit the type to sans- serif in white box?
    but it's looking varr nice otherwise. :)

  3. make sure the images uploaded are RGB, that might be the reason why it did not upload properly.

  4. thank you :)
    yes. the text was proving rather flat when i tried out different variations. but some fonts seemed to make it too cluttered also!
    must find the "right" fit font for it.
    indeed i shall.
    thank ye once more!

  5. Interesting feel, but since I don't know what you did with the story itself, I have no clue what's happening or where it's going.
    Also, please figure out how to upload properly like every other person.
    I need to see pages - the story laid out as pages - and the thumbnails on it.
    If you're still exploring style, remember time is also running out.

  6. Out of the only frame that is legible and that is the last one, it looks a bit flat. Maybe you can play with perspective to magnify the idea of the crane pulling something?
    If you really want feedback then you should try uploading the pics again properly. Also, maybe you can try handwriting instead of typing? The type doesn't really go with the theme of your story.

  7. thanks anurag.
    play with perspective.
    experiment with it i shall.