Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shilo - Caricatures

Caricature (to be coloured in)
Shilo Shiv Suleman was found mysteriously missing despite her suspicious sign up to the Cowabunga course.
The first friday she was reported to be seen at the 'School of Ancient Wisdom' in a Kabir workshop whirling like a dervish while saying 'SUNO BHAI SADHUUU'. Research was done and it was found that in fact, There were no sadhus present at this workshop. 
This leads us to believe that perhaps young Suleman was hallucinating.
The next friday that she was supposed to be at Cowabunga Academy *cough cough* she was seen wearing jasmine flowers in her hair eating copious amounts of payasam at the wedding of Sandhya Sethumadhavan in Guruvayoor while sketching mallu relatives in order to meet the Cowabunga deadline.
On returning from kerala, This picture above of Shilo was found with a strange (almost creepy) smile on her face muttering 'Oooo lalalalalal oooooooo shiny! I'm a littul pixieee AAAAAAA.err..Lovelovelove!'.
We at the Design Research Facility at Srishti School of Art Design and Technology have sufficient reason to believe that Young Shilo Shiv Suleman,of 21 has Indeed lost her mind.
(and she's back)

30 second caricature

1 minute caricature

glorified caricature of self

cartoon done a week or so before the course started. 
thought I'd share it.

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