Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I’d like to draw a story about inactivity. The protagonists are interesting because they are bored themselves (but I don’t want the reader to be bored, of course). In such a story, each an every insignificant event can be detected as a big deal. I want to do narrative strips, with suspense, but only thanks to inaction, and details (at least I want to try). Can I make something exciting enough just about people who don’t have anything to do?

I’d like to do this with very few text. I didn’t fix yet all the details of the story but the base is something like this (if it’s ok...) :
5 bored guys are hanging around in the street. Keeping themselves busy by staring people, they are triyng to find the most comfortable and the most entertaining way to do nothing.
(I realise writting it that it’s actually very short, but I think it’s possible to make a quite long –and I hope, funny- comic with this.)


  1. Helene - Go ahead - often you don't exactly need a script but the central idea which you can flesh out visually through a variety of explorations. However, you will still need to develop clear-cut characters who can move across the narrative consistent to their character in varying situations. You can try to work out your narratives the way Disha has done. Good luck!

  2. good idea! I feel you could look into characters from fairy tales, myths and even history... and put them in different contexts... may be even opposite contexts! Just a thought1