Wednesday, February 17, 2010

COURSE OUTLINE – day six - 12.2.2010

Facilitators: Avy, Raghu, Ramanna
9.30 am -12.45 pm – Discuss Thumbnailing and Comic Grids
Thumbnailing helps rework the grid.
Move from the traditional grid to the breaking up of grids and this can be done if you thumbnail your story properly.
Key factors: basic grids – 3 panel, 4 panel, 6 panel, 9 panel, Manga breakdown, focal point, line of sight, setting, composition, placement of speech bubbles.
Refer to Raj Comics – Sharankhand (randomness and lack of understanding of visual language versus intelligence – composition, hierarchy, balance, flow, bubbles.
Raghu: Intelligent use of layout can be noticed and so too can unintelligent use of layout – static or dynamic, cinematic influences.
Working with wrong visual principles – is that okay?

1.00 pm - 4 pm - One on one discussion about story drafts and directionality

Narratival exercises:

  1. Given a set of frames with images in them, how will you create a narrative that ties them together? Rick Geary – The Miraculous Image
  2. Watch Tickets - Segment Two to understand strong characterisation and flow of plot upto denouement which is tragic

Flesh out your stories. Rework narratives as per feedback. Tighten stories and move into characterization.
Split your story in to comic pages. Thumbnail each page and put up the thumbnailed pages.

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