Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sayantani- Story Process

Log line: A time traveler who is the keeper of history , with powers to make people forget, is confronted by the one person who he couldn't bring himself to memory-wipe- his former lover, who is also a form changing ancient God who he must kill in order to do his job as she is on a binge of changing events in space and time in her quest for revenge.

Possible Characters:

Adan Garcia

Sex: Male
Species: Unknown
Age: Looks about 38. But his real age is lost, even to himself.
Physical Description: Not too tall, not too short, but capable of appearing either. Brown hair highlighted by gold because of unending hours in the sun (which is weird, because, he wears a cowboy hat). He is stocky to look at, but is actually constructed out of pure muscle. Always dressed like an outlaw: trench coat, dusty boots, weird belt etc. But he also carries a black felt bag, very ancient and dusty and looks almost empty, slung to his sides.
Has a very easygoing smile above a square thread-bare goateed chin - capable of being both charming and sinister, but mostly the former. That’s until you look into his eyes, generally in the shadows of his hat, which cannot be mistaken for anything other than evil and dangerous. Gives off strange energy waves.
Weaknesses/ Strengths: Capable of fighting both with his brawns and brains, but prefers to fight with brawn, because brain's the last resort (he thinks of it as an act of charity to his adversaries). Has high manoeuvering skills and can appear to be at particular places and disappear from it at a random instance. Oh, he is also a time traveller (and doesn’t need flashy gadgets to do it, he just flicks a button in a dark little corner of his brains). Doesn’t talk much. Mostly observes from the shadows of street corners and backrooms. Has a weakness for women, which he justifies as an obvious need for a lonely job.
Profession: Keeper of History , i.e. to see nothing changes anywhere in time but the present.


Sex: Female.
Species: One of the Other Worldlies.
Age: Does not really matter, does it, as long as she looks 24.
Physical Description: Black-haired, brown-eyed.She possesses a vivid smile and a body to die for. Literally.
Strengths: Blood Sugar Sex Magic.
Weaknesses: none, except that one guy, who she's trying to settle scores with in this story.
Profession: Sometime long ago, even she has a hard time remembering, she was probably related to the mountain deities of Mycene and Phrygia, but now she has her hands full trying to exist by luring men into falling in love with her and castrating themselves and then turning drag and maintaining a spiritual belief in her( and frankly, she loves the process so much, that she gave up thinking about learning new knitting patterns).

Possible Narrative points:

+ Adan Garcia is suddenly notified of various almost simultaneous changes in various points of history, from the Middle Ages to the 19th century happening almost at the same time, when painting from the Louvre vanishes right before his eyes.
+His mind goes back to the only possible person, Cybele, who could be the cause of this, and then remembers their last meeting which establishes the cause of why she would do this.
+He goes back to her next possible point of attack to intercept her, and also, as he realizes,to kill her.
+Confronts her, fights(verbally as well as physically) her, and reluctantly kills her, but not before she has done some damage, which he must now reverse.

Thought of as just one episode of a series of adventures of Adan Garcia, Easy Going Dude and Reluctant keeper of Time.


  1. pretty screwball.interesting!
    you should read the casanova graphic novels if you havent already.

  2. It's okay. I want the episode fleshed out. Words are fine but I want the images and the sequence fleshed out.