Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tiya: The characters and story clips

Ana May- orphan, 8yr old. main protagonist
Mother Beatrice- Abbess. Strict-disciplinarian, antagonist
Nicodemus- Cook. Sleeps and snores a lot. wants to be a priest someday(?)
Elijah Moses, 'Eli'- a shrewd and mischievous rat. friend of Ana's, with a serious case of OCD

1. Eli at the Pearly Gates.
St Peter holding up a long list of transgressions. Yelling.
Still shouting. Close-up.
Eli wakes up from nightmare, in his bedroom: "I knew I shouldn't have read about the ten commandments yesterday."

2. Ana, on the way from Sunday school. "Jonah's story was truly inspiring."
At the fishmonger's: "Do you have a big blue whale for sale?"
"No. But we do have a big shark here." holding up a fish.
Ana walking away. "No Good. It's still smaller than Mother Beatrice."

3. In Nicodemus' room.
Nico: You can sleep here tonight.
Eli inspecting the floor. (leaving clean finger marks on the dusty surface?)
Smelling the sheets or viewing them under his pocket lens.
Nico- Oh! For Gods sake! You are a rat!

4. Mother Beatrice (her frontal view) leading a choir in 'lead kindly light'
Her back. We see the 'choir'- a row of hanging bats.

5. Out in the garden picking fig leaves.
Ana: Will you really use these in the food?
Nico: Of course! Fig leaves are supposed to be very healthy.
Nico's close-up looking down at Ana: Do you know what else they are called?
Ana: Adam's underwear??

6. Mother Beatrice yelling. Close-up. Her face monstrous.
Mother walking away. Ana looking down sorrowfully with Eli beside her.
Eli's face thoughtfull
Eli: Do you think Noah really allowed dragons into the Arc? Or did she come later on?

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  1. I love Ana May's and Eli's characters- very well portrayed too through the cartoons!
    Took a lil time to understand the 4th. Could bring it out better.
    Cartoons 2, 5 and 6 are really good- very funny :)