Friday, February 5, 2010


After you go through the URLs posted in the Lesson Plan, ask yourselves if these loglines work.

Loglines by Students
A girl who has premonitions of the death of people around her and unknowingly falls into the trap of her own death despite having forseen it.
A journey of 3 amateur film-makers who travel and research while conversing in videos with an artist in Mumbai who is planning an art exhibit on the subject.
A woman who has to choose a list of songs for her hysterectomy.
A world where people turn into crows when they die.
A scientist on the verge of death seeks the help of the man she loves, unfortunately for whom science takes precedence over her.
A mirror constantly trying to scheme its escape from an alcoholic owner’s house.
The paranoia of an unstable traveler.
Here are some guests and we have to welcome them.
A street child whose wish to go to a magical land is granted where he learns various things identifying the shift between his present life and his makebelieve world.
A failed standup comedian lives out his dream of making people laugh by becoming a mime artist.
A student and her teacher try to tame each other.
A curious little boy’s journey through the gulleys of a Muslim locality in search of his lost goat.
After her documented adventure in Wonderland, Alice struggles to get over her obsession with mirrors.
A young orphan with her pet rat gets over her rebellion towards discipline.
An Airbus 216 lying in the hangar dreams of becoming a frequent flying. Meanwhile, Charlie a rusty sparrow has made a permanent residence above his front wheel’s flap.
A sweeper finds out he is dying and his interactions with the people he meets during his last days.
4 kids save the world by being themselves.
While an artist builds a composition of brewing relationship, the same blossoms between a couple forming a parallel reality.
A girl trying to hide from her own known world; the more she hides the more she gets revealed.
A man lives in dreams; takes them and replaces them with nightmares.
Interaction between a cripple who is tired of being the object of pity and a hypocritical religious woman in a railway station.
God’s stay on earth with his minions and how he uses them to get his way around in this bad wicked world.
A dysfunctional secret society that has only 3 members and their desperate attempts to grow and take over the world. A rickshawallah, a temple priest and a schizo kid.

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