Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Disha: Story Developement

Week Two
Girl’s name: Putki, naughty and rebellious
Boy: Carries a heavy backpack, is always somewhat nervous. He is madly in love with Putki.
Peon/ Sweeper: I would like him to play the role of the magical negro. He is not an integral part of each narrative, but when Putki is sad and punished in the corridor, the sweeper can come by and do something to cheer her up.
Parents: ?
Teacher: Usually pure evil and readers should enjoy Putki winning most of the battles. But I want to have some strips towards the end that makes us empathize with the teacher too, without introducing any new characters.

i. Boy raises hand: Teacher impressed
ii. Boy give answers, Teacher smiles
iii. Girl raises hand: Teacher impressed
iv. Girl asks if she can go to the toilet, Teacher has the ‘I should’ve known look’.

Single frame
On either sides of the frame I will show the teacher and the Girl sleeping and between them is a bubble showing the dream they are having.
It is a dream where the teacher is eating the girl or is very big and has nearly caught hold of the tiny girl (like tom and jerry): The expression of the teacher (in her sleep), will be that of glee, while the girl will have a terrified expression, and breaking into sweat in her sleep.

I also explored various themes and ideas that can help me create different accounts and maintain a certain interest and order.
Assembly line
Corridors (while punished maybe)

Punished (maybe is made to write amusing things on the board when punished- single frames; I could use homophones or common spelling mistakes made by kids to make puns of double meanings)
Cheating in tests
Sleep and Dreams
Mischief (planned pranks)
Sad- when the teacher wins
At home in front of parents

Putki with the Boy
Putki with the Teacher
Putki with the Peon
Teacher with Parents
• I would like to use weather, such as her walking in the rain when she is sad to create moods.
• Parents will always be seated on a couch, the sweeper will always be in the corridor.

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