Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shilo- Loglines

Logline 1- DUST
A story about a girl who spends her entire life (like others) watching the ground as deep in thought until one night she accidentaly looks up to see the night sky for the first time and everything changes as she starts to dissolve into stardust.
Inspired by- Theories by Geoffrey Burbidge- hermonuclear reactions in stars could slowly seed a universe that was originally pure hydrogen, helium and lithium, the simplest elements in the periodic table, with heavier elements like oxygen, iron, carbon and others from which life is derived.

Stars like the Sun burn hydrogen into helium to generate heat and light for most of their lives, until they run out of fuel and fizzle, or so the story goes. But more massive stars can go on to ignite helium to produce carbon and oxygen and so forth. Eventually the star explodes, tossing the newly minted atoms into space, where they mix with gas and dust and are incorporated into future stars. Successive generations of stars that coalesce from cosmic dust, burn and then explode would thus make the universe ever richer in heavy elements.

Logline-2- Every Vilian Is Lemons
A humorous struggle between Satan and God to outbeat each other and the creation of lightning and thunder.

As sponge bob square pants very articulately put it-

E- Every
V- Villains
I- Is
L- Lemons

(me thinks- lemons=bitter=villains)

Once upon a time.
Once upon a time lusty-little-Lucifer decided to play his famous trick on mankind.
Serpentine-Seduction would be his game plan. Very slyly (as he usually manipulates his plans) he managed to seduce Eve so she, in turn, could ‘reduce’ Adam.
The consequences of this game were numerous. To start off with, snakes were now officially and eternally Satan’s mascot – a symbol of sexuality and temptation. Apples didn’t exactly manage to maintain the best reputation either (ref- Snow white) and Eve still bears the burden of  ‘having pulled Adam down with her’. Nevermore would Adam trust his Eve (the creation of the terrible subordinate role)
Ah but Alas Satan was dissatisfied. Green grumbling envy tormented him (‘Caeca Pavidia est’- ‘Envy is Blind’ -Livy xxxviii), although Adam and Eve had been banished from Paradise they had been promised full redemption and a cosy place in heaven with god. Also, Adam and Eve would forever remain a rather tragic pair whom all their predecessors sympathized with. You can imagine how utterly annoying it was! He felt rotsome. Eve became the damsel in distress and once again Satan was the bad guy.
            The flighty deity almighty Supreme creator of all beings (and beans) was very familiar with Satan’s antics. He knew exactly why red roses had thorns and why ice sticks to your tongue.
Satan was mighty proud of all he had accomplished over the years. It had been tough, yes, but he had survived it and now he wanted to do even better. After much thinking and blinking his evil-malicious and ‘good for nothing-good’ mind found a solution – “I have to invent something that strikes, that roars and rumbles and shakes and shatters! Since I cannot reduce everything to ashes, I want, at least, to strike every being with terror deep within their humble hearts. It will have to involve such a tremendous racket that every creature will tremble from one edge of the sky to the other!” (Muhahaha)
            The Devil, with a song in his heart and a smile on his face, went to find The flightydiety etc etc. Supreme creator of all beings and beans:
                        “I shall make thunder : I shall terrify all your children.”, he announced smugly and disappeared with a *poof*.
And God immediately had a brilliant idea. “let there be light”, he said. This would dazzle his people and remind them of the higher divinity before the thunderous terror struck:
“I shall make lightning: they will see it first of all. They will entrust themselves to me.”

Logline3- A murder of Crows
A story about the creation of the universe and the unending rivalry between crows and polar bears and light and darkness.

Blackbirds, Crows, Ravens, All these shadows of the night once belonged to a great race called the Kaoovas.
Kavooas were created by Him (aka God-the Universe-The Great Gig in the sky) on the first and 3/4 day of creation. He(god) first said : 'Let there be Light'
and out came the clouds and snow and polar bears. 
Then he said 'Let there be Ink' and thus with that king the kaoovas were born
and they said

And ofcourse with creation comes great power and with power comes politics.
Thus, Alas, Henceforth, The crows and the polar bears didn't quite get along.

At first there was no reason for dispute. But soon the polar bears grew jealous of the kavoos smooth tail feathers.
"It's Unfair', they thought. The polar bears Furr was soft yes, but maintainance was always an issue (back then there were no vaccum cleaners and therefore more dust) 
While the kaoovas because of their inky coats never had to take a bath and yet looked Shiny.
It just wasn't fair. Clouds never got dirty despite being so white because they lived in the sky.
polar bears on the other hand lived in MUD.
That's all god gave polar bears.
FURR and MUD! 
Talk about lack of foresight.

((the end is yet undecided but will eventually lead to the segregation of crows and polar bears and the unending battle between shadow and light'))

There are a bunch of other ideas but I think I'm most keen on taking the first one forward.

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  1. I think the first idea is the worst.
    The second one seems the best.
    The third has not been worked on and is too cheesy.
    Take the second one forward is my suggestion - but the language needs to change into something much more evocative and in "creation myth" mode.
    Next task would be to thumbnail the story.
    I don't want an illustrated storybook for kids but a comic and that would mean asking how the story can be turned into comic book pages through "frames"/"panels"