Thursday, February 11, 2010

story outline(initial stage)-maanvi


A young boy who is well read and acts as an anchor to get his teenage sister with an attitude problem back to reality.


Attitude problem teenage sister.(antangonist)

Younger brother(10-12yrs).(protagonist)

Helpless father.

Mother who encourages the daughter.


higher upper middle class society.

Backdrop being social issues which the rich refuse to address or acknowledge.


--brother could be watching tv and sister comes from the back and say she wants to watch some channel coz there's a celebrity interview say on vh1 while he is watching the earthquake news so he shuts her up telling her about the earthquake and she makes some bad joke about! i hope you are'nt too SHAKEN!'

-Sister talking on the phone with friend. Discussing some celebrity dude who they find really really hot and brother bursts the bubble by saying that the celebrity dude is gay.

-Sister using cosmetic. Brother giving a detail of how ppl might get cancer using that.sister is left shocked and scared while brother grinning.

-Sister listening to a song full of curses like some eminem song or something on her pod and singing along loudly in the house. Brother instigates mother.And her mothers reaction to it. Mother then realises tht shes actually listening to music.

-first frame where sister is on the fone with a friend.Friend asking her what she's wearing for the party. And tells her that her enemy is wearing a fur coat.Next frame. Sister cries about how she wants a fur coat.Third frame, brother says do you know how many animals they kill.Last frame she says i dont care and she says that her enemy iswearing the coat, s she also HAS to wear one.

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