Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shilo-Khoya-Summary of Story,Storyboard,Concept Sketches

Concept Sketches/Moodboards

The storyboard below was done with different considerations in mind- Interactivity and Augmented Reality. However, as a graphic novel- it doesn't quite work

A priest of the 'Nasha'

parents of the girl.

Children of the Nasha


Rock Creatures (yet to be named- suggestions welcome)
Reserved. Soft spoken.Slowmoving(ref- To be a Rock and not to Roll). 
They record the history of the universe (ref- 'Written on Stone')
Curious.Small eyes. Keen observers but not through sight or sound but the ability to sense motion because of their own inherent stillness.
They record the whole history of everything that is not by what they see or hear but by an observation of movement around them.
for references and details

So, after racking my brains and discussions and brainstorms-
We came to the conclusion that the story with the most potential for growth was Khoya.

The concept sketches etc here are aimed more for children. 
However, In Cowabunga,it will develop into a story for adults (however maintaining 'childlike')
the character dev. and style will also therefore evolve to suit a more evolved audience.

The key focuses are-
Working with mythemes, symbolism that are derived 
out of  traditional storypatterns and create new myths.

Character Development and Anthromorphism.

References for story- Mahabharata,phillip pullman, Tolkien 
References for Illustration-
paul kirdby (illustrator of terryprachett discworld series)

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  1. OK so, the characters, mood, settings etc are coming through in your explorations. However, when you move it into execution mode, it will mean that a certain visual consistency and flow will have to come in. Let me see that happening and this I would like to actually see in terms of the pages your story would occupy and the thumbnailing. You too have to decide on how much of your story you can actually execute to a moment of "closure" for the sake of the course.