Sunday, February 14, 2010

Some useful tricks and tips for final go... :)

What is a narrative?
A narrative must have a hook.
This means whether its visual or text or both it must hold the reader’s attention right from the beginning.
So start with a bang.
For this it maybe necessary to play with time, space or importance the three points of unity and coherence that count.
This means start maybe in the middle of the story roughly then go back.
Or in another place –frame it.
Or at a slightly more important place then go back.
Jumble only when or if needed.
Keep reader interested by using suspense.
Make him or her turn the page.
Defer endings.
The story, I mean.
Narratives must be thought of in images and be as descriptive as possible
Keep text limited but not simple if for adults and simple if for children.
Don’t forget old adages like children like more or rather brighter colour and adults less, but use it sparingly , the colours for children and use well for adults.
Adjectives, nouns , adverbs and verbs do help – nouns and verbs to be shown, adjectives and adverbs especially as text. Use motion and kinetics sparingly because illustrating adverbs is tough work, unless you're very talented.
Try telling your story to yourself often in chronological order – yes, talk to yourself in your head.Also to just one or two good friends , they may help spot discrepancies.
And then break it up into which places, when, why (motive of action for characters), how to show it(angles), who says what to whom (points of view)etc. Do not confuse narrator and character or visual narrative. Clarity is required that's why it's good to discuss it.
Be bold and daring , so something better than basic stuff comes out.
End with a bang.
Structure it well and half your work is done. Take care of little details like proof reading, not to break text or image in middle of sequence at end of a page yet keep it hanging etc., so each page is a sequence yet not complete – this is important and difficult but if the flow is smooth and rough or jerky only when you want it, for the reader it helps tremendously. Remember to leave the reader some of the task.
It's called show and tell and flow.
Read lots of comics. Old Marvels, especially.
All the best
Dr. A.V.Koshy.

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