Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sargam: log line and brief outline

In a desperate attempt to escape his life, a gay 21 year old runs away from home to travel and unwind, but a chance meeting with a young girl ends up in him confiding in her and rediscovering himself through her perspective.
1.       A messy room where he takes out a note/journal and reads something that gives a snippet of his past.
2.       Grabs his backpack, and walks out of his house
3.       Walks alone on the street
4.       Walks into an alleyway
5.       Starts talking to himself, resulting in cries of frustration, and irritation
6.       Girl comes, a brief conversation.
7.       She helps him get away from the cops.
8.       Takes him to a small park, where no one would bother him
9.       Walks away
10.   Comes back to get her bag which she left at the bench next to him
11.   He asks her if she could help him
12.   Flash back. Starting probably with the same note/journal he had taken out before he had left.

1 comment:

  1. What is it the girl helping him about? Why?
    This has to come together as a story. And then you break it up into pages/frames/scenes.
    What is the story?
    What is the plot?
    Point is the girl redeems him.
    From what? Why would a random girl take this trouble?
    What is he running from?
    Why would he trust the girl?
    There's a lot to do here before you can even begin thumbnails.
    Finish the story - see it cinematically - through images.
    Unravel the plot - very important.