Tuesday, February 16, 2010


-       Little street boy
-       Blue boy
-       Bunch of bullies (3)
- My story is divided into three parts…three narratives running together,
The street child’s story in the big bad world.
Goes through problems like homeless, hungry, no parents, gets shunned wherever he goes.
One day while begging on a red light in a busy street of delhi, a gentleman gave this little boy a 50 Rs note. Ecstatic he put it in his pockets.
At night bigger boys from the same territory come and bully him. Beat him up, take his 50 rs note.
Cries and cries, feels lonely and sad, there is no one to defend him. He is alone.
That night he goes to sleep crying.
Something happens
-       Dream sequence begins.
He id dreaming about his parents and how they might have looked, maybe they would have come to defend him.
Suddenly this happy blue creature appears in his dream.
He is exactly the opposite of this little street boy, or rather he is what the little boy wants to be.
Happy, carefree, naughty, he looks like an impish pixie with mischievous eyes, is blue in colour, exuberant, prakster.
Little boy gets alarmed.
Doesn’t know how to react to this thing.
This blue guy wants to help him, make him feel nice.
He shows his some tricks, hops onto other peoples dreams and troubles them, make the street boy laugh, he plays pranks.
He then hops on to one of the three bullies dream, troubles him, bully gets freaked  out and shouts out loud in his dream.
He then goes to the other two dreams freaks them out two.
Teaches them a lesson.
Street chills feels happy and feels there is someone there for him.
This blue boy is his creation. He is from his dream, his alter ego.
He hold on to him as a security blanket .
Whenever he is sad he goes to sleep and blue boy comes.
Little street boy becomes a stronger person who can stand up for him self.
And those three boys have never bullied him or any one else EVER AGAIN.

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  1. Go with this "story" but remember it is not yet a strong story. Make it strong and work out the thumbnails. The idea of someone who can harass others in their dreams is the unique point. But how and what he does is the key. Then there is the issue of how the street child becomes self-confident through the intervention of the blue boy. Figure this out.