Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tiya: More cartoon strips

7. Nico and Eli with backs turned to each other. Grumpy face. "Look at you two. Best friends but always fighting."
-Ana is now shown. She's sitting at her desk continuing the chiding. "Aren't you ashamed of behaving in this manner?"
-After some time. Ana at her desk yawning closing her book.
-Climbing up the stairs. Sleepy, droopy eyes.
-Opening the door to her room.
-We see Eli and Nicodemus on her bed, huddled together sleeping peacefully. "Oh Hell!"

8. In the kitchen, Eli sprinkling salt and chilli into the various dishes. "No food for a rat is it? Well, I'll teach that Nicodemus-"
-Meanwhile in heaven. St.Peter turning back, "Are you just going to stand there watching while he does this?"
-An hour later on earth. Nicodemus placing a plate of food before Eli's horrified face. "Elijah, I want to make up for any rudeness on my part. I'd made this food specially for you."
-In Heaven, Peter and an angel rolls on the floor laughing. "Good one, Master."

9. Nicodemus: "Women are the spawn of all evil. They should not be kept around!"
-Eli: "Yeah! Look at what Eve made Adam do. Or how Delilah ruined Samson!"
-Ana: "Well however, the wisest man in history had to keep 300 wives..."
- "Damn Solomon!"

10. One nun telling the Abbess, "My, my, aren't you a blessed woman. 87 years and yet so youthful and healthy!"
-In Heaven, St. Peter is sleeping at the gates when he dreams of Mother Beatrice arriving there."
-In the dream. "Well, hello there Mother. Your room will be in the attic of cottage 134."
- Close-up of mother's furious face. "What?? You get me a room in the penthouse or I'll show who's the boss!"
- St Peter wakes from the dream, panting and sweating.
- Him looking through a long list. "Hmm...10th July. No one will notice if I push it further just a bit more, will they?"

11. In the church. Ana May thinking.
"The atmosphere in the Church is so calming."
- "So serene. So tranquil."
- "This place every man ought to want to be." She look to her side.
- Eli and Nicodemus sleeping in the pew. " I mean, just see how peaceful they are."

12. Mother Beatrice and the nuns arranging an image of Mother Mary at the altar.
- We now see the backs of Eli, Nicodemus and Ana as they watch this. Eli says, " I don't know about you guys, But I kind of preferred the old with the blonde hair."

13. God brewing up a storm in the skies.
- Down on earth, in the Abbey a curtain sways hitting the Mother Mary statue making it fall.
- Later, the Abbess enters and sees the broken statue. "Oh my God! The new statue. Whoever did this is going to get a good lashing from me!"
- Up in the sky, God hiding behind a cloud. "Uh-oh-"

14. Jesus trying to wake God who is fast asleep. "Father, wake up! Hurry!"
- "Jesus! What, on earth, is wrong now?"
- "Get up! Nicodemus is threatening to kill Mother Beatrice!"
- "Geez, Son. Let it be." And God rolls over to continue his slumber.
- Jesus standing beside with arms crossed. "Alright, pops. When she comes up, I'm telling her what really happened to her statue."
- Empty bed. Jesus with a triumphant smile on his face.

15. In Nico's room. Eli: "I've told you a zillion times. Everything should be kept organised. No clutter. Just look at all this."
- In Heaven. We see the backs of St. Peter and Gabriel as they lean over the clouds and look down.
- Them turning and looking over their shoulders.
- We now see a pile of books on the Hevaenly floor (Different version of the Bible- NKJ, Catholic edition, NAV...)
- Gabriel: "Pete, he's not coming up anytime soon is he?"

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  1. I can totally picture St. Peter and the angel rollinng on the floor laughing saying "Good one, Master." (Cartoon 8)
    The cartoons humanises out-the-world images we have of the Saints and the Godly and remind us that they think similar too and understand us as well. Examples: 10, 13, 14.
    7 captures the ironies in life too.