Friday, February 12, 2010

for sharvari - plane/bird story

1. I like the juxtaposition of the mechanical "being" with an "organic" being.
2. The story is not working.
3. Suppose the plane has been stuck for a long time in the hangar and the bird has found safe harbour. Establish the relationship. But on what basis? This has to be established before you can get to the end where the plane saves the bird.
3. The crisis does not seem plausible but that's okay(??)
4. I see the plane as dreaming of flying and envious or sad because the bird can go out and fly and return to its nest while the plane is stuck endlessly in its nest.
One is free, one is chained.
5. So what happens between them? Does the bird, which feels sorry for the plane since it cannot fly, bring home tales of flight to keep the plane's spirit up?
6. Finally plane gets the chance to fly - at the cost of the bird's nest or even life.??
7. The other thing is you do this as thumbnails and let's see how this turns out visually.

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